Bad Garage Door Weather Seal

Replacing or installing new weather seal on your garage door produces great rewards.  It’s the best thing you can do to prevent drafts and reduce heating/cooling loss in your garage.  A good seal to the floor will also help keep pesky critters outside, where they belong.

The top and sides of your door opening should be sealed from excessive air infiltration.  We recommend and use vinyl trim molding.  Applied onto your existing door casing, this pliable product seals tight to the door but provides the flexibility to allow free movement of the door.  This trim is nailed into place and should be caulked against the door casing.

Sealing the bottom of your garage door can get a little more tricky.  We recommend a seal that can be easily and inexpensively replaced every few years.  Most materials will begin to deteriorate after a few years of ground exposure.  The elements, freezing, thawing, , etc. will also take its toll on the bottom seal.

In extreme cases, the area of floor that the door sets on is in poor repair or out of level.  If this is your situation, there are a few alternatives to the costly chore of re-pouring the concrete floor.   A threshold can be installed,  extra wide seal can be installed on the door or minor concrete patching may be all that’s needed.

In nearly all situations, Indy Door Guy can  get a full perimeter weather seal on your garage door.  We stock vinyl trim in several standard colors and carry replacement bottom weather seal for most models of doors.

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