Garage Door and Opener Maintenance

Routine garage door and garage door opener maintenance will keep the system in top-running and safe operating condition.  It will reduce you door’s need for service and catch problems when they are small and inexpensive to repair.  Proper preventive care will save you thousands of dollars over the life of your door. Proper preventive care is the key.. with emphasis on the word “proper”. There is a whole lot of bad information around on how to care for garage doors.  Following that advice will, in many cases, do more harm than good.

Garage door maintenance begins with a properly installed garage door and opener.  Just because some big-name garage door company sent a so called “expert” out to install your door, don’t assume it was put up right.  The most common reason for garage door and opener damage can be traced back to poor workmanship with regards to the original installation.

Doors out of level, track improperly adjusted, back-hang brackets placed wrong, bowed spring shafts, openers mounted too high… simple things that put excess stress and friction on the door sections and critical moving door parts.  Stuff breaks long before it would if properly installed.

There are approximately 250 pieces, parts and components on a typical double-car garage door.  These nuts, bolts and other hardware items must be in near perfect position, adjustment and condition to ensure your garage door enjoys a long life.

Indy Door Guy technicians understand how important it is that every one of these parts work in concert to keep largest moving machine in your home running safe and reliable for a long, long time.  Every service call begins with a check (and if needed, adjustment) of each part.  This service is included at no additional charge to our standard service rate.  If damaged or worn parts are found in need of being replaced, you’ll find our prices to be very fair and very competitive.

Once everything is in its proper place, and the door/opener is running like it was designed work, it’s time to apply the proper lubricants to vital moving parts.  Again, proper is the operable word. The wrong lubricant will cause more harm than good.

Heavy grease and motor oils will only gum up and make a mess of your door and track.  These products will stop the small bearings in rollers working. Rollers become sliders and doors get harder to open and close.  Garage door openers require special lubrication too.  Again, the wrong stuff will only cause more damage.

Garage doors should be inspected and lubricated at least twice a year.  We recommend spring and fall.  Lubrication and inspection is an easy do-it-yourself project that you can accomplish in a matter of minutes.

Your Indy Door Guy service tech does more than just lubricate your garage door system.  He’ll show you the proper technique and advise you on the type of lubricants best suited for your particular system.  You’ll also be shown specific things to watch for that may indicate the need for professional service in the future.  There’s no additional charge for this service.  It’s included as part of our standard service call rate.

Testing and reprogramming remote control opener accessories is another task that should be performed on a regular basis.  Remote controls get lost, cars that have programmed to your opener get sold and the password to your keyless entry unit may be in the hands of someone you no longer want to have access to your garage.

On request, Indy Door Guy will clear the memory of your garage door opener and reset the remote control units available at the time of the service call.  We’ll be happy to also provide personal instruction on how you can do this yourself to keep your family safe and secure in the event of a lost or stolen remote.  We don’t charge extra for this service.

Last, but of most importance is a thorough safety inspection and test of your garage door system.  Once a month, your garage door system’s safety features should receive your attention.  Should the door ever strike your car or other expensive piece of personal property.. or God forbid, a friend or family member.. you want to be assured damage or injury will be minimized.

Indy Door Guy will always test and adjust your garage door’s safety features prior to departing your home.  We will also show you how to conduct recommended monthly safety test and make the any basic adjustments that may be required.  You’ll rest easier knowing that you have done all you can to ensure the safety of all who enter your garage.

Routine garage door and opener maintenance is a vital homeowner responsibility.  The dangers and risks of an unsafe door outweighs the minimal investment in time needed to ensure your family’s well being. Learn the right way to keep the largest moving machine in your home safe, secure and reliable.  We’ll be happy to show you how.

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