Hit or Damaged Garage Doors

If your garage door is ever hit by a car or suffers other damage, the best thing to do is leave it alone and call in a professional. A severely damaged door can fall at any time. It’s not unusual for one or both of the cables to be off, some rollers out of the track and some of the door’s sections to be dented or creased.

In most cases, the door is literally “hanging by a thread” and any wrong move will cause it to come crashing down. That means more damage and somebody could be seriously hurt. Trying to open or close a door that’s been hit can only make a bad situation worse.

Call us. We’ll drop what we’re doing and rush to your aid. Often times, the damages can be quickly repaired and your door put back into safe working condition in less than an hour. If the door or framework has taken major damage, we’ll get the opening secure until you have a chance to explore the options with your insurance company. Should a new door be required, we’ll get it installed fast so you can put the experience behind you. You may only need to have one or two door panels replaced. If the door is still in production.. we’ll locate and install the replacement sections for you.

How/Why Do Garage Doors Get Hit? By far, most garage doors are hit from the inside by people who thought the door was open. Here is what usually happens:

You get in the car, push the opener button, see the great outdoors in the rear-view mirror, back out and BANG!

Modern garage door openers are packed with safety features and senors that cause them to stop moving the moment they encounter any unusual force or obstruction. A poorly maintained garage door can create such a force. The door appears to be open from inside your car. In reality, it’s not up high enough for your car’s roof to clear. It may only happen once.. but that’s all it takes.

The best prevention is to keep your garage door properly maintained and always make sure the garage door is fully opened before getting into the car.

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