Locks and Other Garage Door Security Accessories

Keeping control over who has access to your garage is vital in protecting your family and home’s valuables.  Modern garage door openers keep your door locked tight when closed.  For manually operated garage doors, locks are available in several styles.. depending upon your specific needs.  Garage doors connected to an opener should never be locked manually.  Should somebody push the button, something will break.  It probably won’t be the lock.

It’s important that you think security when it comes to remote controls, vehicle “HomeLink” systems and keyless entry devices.  Someone with access them has access to your garage and home.

The radio receiver in newer models of garage door openers are very reliable and extremely secure.  Older units can be easily “hacked” or decoded by the bad guys.  Many opener manufacturers provide optional deluxe-style wall control stations that allow you to lock out or disable remote control of your door.

It’s a good idea to periodically clear your opener’s memory and reset the remote devices.  By all means do so if a remote control comes up missing.  If your car is equipped with a built in remote transmitter (i.e., HomeLink), be sure the memory is cleared before turning the car over to a new buyer.

Vault-style garages can present a special problem.  A vault garage has only one way in or out… through the garage door.  If the door is locked closed via an automatic opener, you should have a way to override the lock in case of a power failure.  We can install a special keyed disconnect system.  This system allows you to manually disengage the opener from the door, allowing only you to enter the garage.

Indy Door Guy carries a wide variety of garage door locks, remote access devices and can service all makes and models of openers and garage doors with factory authorized repair parts.   For more questions on how you can take advantage of the latest in garage door lock and security accessories, give Indy Door Guy a call.

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