Shopping for a New Garage Door Opener?

myq_openerOnce upon a time it was easy to find the perfect garage door opener for your particular needs. Things are different now. With so many choices, things are little more complicated. Beyond the opener type (chain, belt, screw, direct, etc) are the many new features and accessories that opener manufactures have made available.

Battery back-up systems allow you door opener to work even when the power is out. Laser parking lights help you position your car in just the right spot. Keyless entry systems, multi-function control panels and remote door monitoring devices put you in complete control of your home’s most popular means of entry. The latest models of garage door openers can even be programmed to interact with your smart phone so you can monitor and control your garage door from anyplace you have internet access.

Keep in mind that your new garage door opener will most likely still be in service 20 years from now. It makes sense to buy the right one and to have it professionally installed.

If you live in Brownsburg, Avon, Danville, Plainfield or any of the surrounding areas in Hendricks County, give us a call at (317) 456-2016. We’ll discuss your needs and your wants then help you find the right garage door opener. Indy Door Guy carries the full line of LiftMaster and Linear garage door openers and accessories.

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