Residential Jack-Shaft Garage Door Opener

Specially designed for garages that don’t allow for a traditional garage door opener, the ultra-quiet, space-saving, wall-mounted jackshaft opener is perfect when you need to save space or have an oversized door or cathedral ceiling. It mounts on the wall beside the garage door, so ceiling space is freed up for maximum storage. This unique system offers the added option of our Batery Backup system to let you in and out of your garage even when the power is out, as well as our premier line of accessories for the ultimate in garage access.

Elite Series
LM RJO 3800
LM 3800
DC Motor Residential Jackshaft Opener
Maximize the space in your garage with our space-saving wall-mounted jackshaft opener. It even has an optional standby power system that will continue working, even when the power goes out.