Amarr CLASSICA® Carriage House Steel Garage Door Collection

Classica Garage Door

with Thames Windows and Canterbury Handles and Hinges, in White.

Looks can be deceiving. From a distance, you see wood. Up close, it’s durable, low-maintenance steel. Authentic carriage house looks, modern functionality to complement your home’s exterior.
compare panel sizeTypical garage doors are made up with 4 sections. With only 3-sections to build this garage door in standard heights, the innovative Classica garage doors are the first-of-its-kind to offer more vertical and authentic carriage house door design with larger sized windows that provide more natural light into the garage.

Construction Options:

  • Classica 1000 – Single layer steel.. no insulation
  • Classica 2000 – Steel + Vinyl-backed insulation panels
  • Classica 3000 – Steel + Insulation + Steel

Seven Panel Designs…

..and 12 Window/Top Section options..

Add decorative hardware and your new garage door will be as unique as you!
Classica Garage Doors are available in White, Almond, Sandtone. Both light and dark wood tones are also available. With the Classica, you can enjoy the rich look of a custom carriage house door at a fraction of the cost.

Would you like to see what a new Amarr CLASSICA carriage House Steel Garage Door will look like on your home? Visit VIEW A DOOR ON MY HOME where you can upload a photo of your home see for yourself just how great it will look. Call Indy Door Guy today we’ll show you how to get started.