Indy Door Guy Inc serves residential and light commercial (doors up to 10′ tall) customers in Hendricks and surrounding Indiana counties. Add it all up. Call around.  You will find that our rates are among the lowest available for fast, professional and guaranteed garage door service.  Here’s a few examples of the cost for our most common services.

In-Home Service Estimate: FREE

We’ll come to your home and evaluate the condition of your garage door and opener.  You will get a firm quote on the recommended repairs.  You’ll only pay if you decide to let us fix your garage door system.  Indy Door Guy will even wait while you call the competition and check their prices!

Standard Service Rate: $69.00

Garage door and opener service rates apply from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m Monday thru Saturday.

Standard service includes a complete garage door tune-up for up to 2 garage doors.  We will:

        • Inspect and adjust garage door track, fixtures and springs.
        • Tighten loose hinges and hardware.
        • Check garage door cables and drums.
        • Re-set or re-program remote control units.
        • Program you automobile”s HomeLink system (if applicable).
        • Inspect the garage door opener”s mechanical and electrical system.
        • Clean and Adjust Photo Safety Sensors
        • Troubleshoot and identify any door problems you may be having.
        • Lubricate all moving parts.
        • Safety Test the Garage Door Opener.
        • Safety Test the Entire Garage Door and Opener.

Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement: Single-Wide Doors (up to 10′ wide and 8′ tall) $159.00. Double-Wide Doors (12′- 18′ wide and up to 8′ tall) $199.00      

Every garage door spring will eventually break.  The industry standard for spring life is 10,000 cycles.  Indy Door Guy garage door springs are guaranteed to meet or exceed this standard.  In addition to replacing your broken garage door spring(s), we will perform our signature garage door and opener service ($69. value.. see above) at no additional charge.  So… if your garage door spring is broken, the total amount you pay will be $159.00 or $199.00, depending on the size of your door.  That’s it.  Our listed price includes all materials, labor and taxes.  No “trip fees”.  No “surcharges”.  None of the other other hidden fees our competition like to add on. PLEASE NOTE: This rate applies to standard, single or double-car width, residential garage doors with torsion springs that are up to 8′ tall. Custom or commercial door spring replacement is priced on a materials/labor basis.

Conversion to Torsion Spring System

Many low-end and DIY garage doors are equiped with spring systems that require expensive and hard to obtain replacement parts. Beyond this, plastic parts that become distorted or broken are often used in their construction. We recommend replacing this system with a tried and true Torsion Spring Conversion Kit. The kit includes steel end bearings, spring bearing and mounting bracket, spring shaft, drums, cables and spring. Our flat rate for this conversion is $295.00. Your door will run smoother, quieter and safer when we’re done.

Emergency Door Service Rate: $99.00

If you need emergency service outside of our normal operating hours, the charge is $99.00.  Emergency service may be limited to the work required to get your vehicle out of the garage and/or secure your garage door opening.  The time and materials needed to make permanent repairs will factor into the extent of work performed after hours.  When you call, we can usually determine if the problem can be resolved based upon the answers to a few questions.